Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hallie and Cassie wedding at House on the River Lake Head, Living Mount Shasta Photography

What a sweet couple and wonderful Marriage ceremony!  Congratulations Hallie and Cassie!  Just a hop skip and a jump down the road from where I live here in Mt. Shasta is where they had their beautiful wedding and reception at House on the River, LakeHead ca.  My artistic mind kicked into overdrive when I arrived to see the ceremony area in the direct sun... but low and behold as that special time came around every thing was basking in some delightful soft light!  I am sure whoever designed this cute little ceremonial area had all of that in mind! Kudos!  I also wanted to thank my friend Leslie for joinging me and getting her feet wet in the wedding photographers world :)  She was a great help and I realized how nice it was to have someone who grounded me so well... someone to help catch the little details...  She even took a few shots and some of them are below!  
Hallie and Casey I hope you love your images!  I sure do!  <3 K

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