Friday, July 29, 2011

4th of July 2011 "Shasta Style"

Decided this year that I wanted the mountain (Mt. Shasta) in my fireworks pictures :)  So after yeeeeeears of watching them from the Mt. Shasta golf resort we ventured to the "other side" to brave "tourist land" lol.  It was a challenge for sure getting my camera settings just right to have the mountain and fireworks exposed equally...  I had my notes from last year and now have new notes from this year for next lol. My mind is already spinning for what I need to change and improve upon!  Here is a link to the 4th fireworks pics I took last year from the resort

Of course our little family had a blast like always!  Mt. Shasta fireworks ROCK!  Didnt even have to drive home in the mob because we took our camper and stayed the night :)  I hope you enjoy the pics!  There are quite a few including some of our children dancing with glow bracelets and some fire dancers that were performing on the beach... Until next year! K

Heres a little video of the Grand Finale of Mt. Shasta Fireworks over Lake Siskiyou!

For more pictures click on "See More" below :)