Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weed Sports 2011

Thankyou Steve for giving me the opportunity to work with your Weed HighSchool sports kids!  Its a new venue for me and one that I have found I absolutely love!  Heres to many more years to come working with some of the best home grown athletes in the state!  Siskiyou County Rocks! K  

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Birthday pics for one of my bestest friends :)

Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends Maya!  Cant even count how many times you have helped me with my photography!  And these pics are yet another one of those experiments and times I really needed someone to stand in.  I can always count on you!  Love you girl!  <3 K

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harmon Family Portrait

Yay I got to photograph the Harmon family again!  Its been 3 years as a baby brother was in the makings...
Thankyou Marci for letting me be apart of your precious memories again!  Your little family is adorable and a delight to photograph! Until next time...  As always K.      

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Happy Birthday Damon & Daryn Zeigler!

Kris!  Girl you sure know how to throw a party!  And Mark you absolutely know how to support a great idea and be the foundation under it all!  Your boys are so lucky to have such involved, energetic, fun and loving parents!  Your idea of skipping parties for a few years and then throwing one big fun one is GREAT!  Everyone had a blast.  And thankyou so much Kris for being the first to hire and experience my photo booth/ mobile studio! Happy Birthday Damon and Daryn!

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Bradley Reed Senior Portrait

Thankyou Bradley for letting me be apart of this special time in your life!  You are most definitely growing up and blazing a trail into a fabulous future of your own creating!  Blessings to you and the road your on Bradley!  So glad we got to sneak in a couple pics of your wonderful mom and sis too :)

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Hailey Collord Senior Portrait

Congratulations Hailey on sailing through your senior year at Mt. Shasta High!  I throughly enjoyed being a special part of your cherished memories...  <3 K

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