Friday, June 10, 2011

Give Away! 16x24 Fine Art Metallic print "Mt. Shasta, By the Light of the Moon"

Big SHOUT OUT and congratulations to Amy Cain Bourke for winning the 16x24 fine art print giveaway!!! And thankyou Sally Gassaway for drawing the name for us! Keep your eyes peeled for the next giveaway which is a free portrait session with Living Shasta Photography! Must be a State of Jefferson resident to enter!

So is everyone ready for a Living Shasta Photography FIRST EVER “giveaway”? Good! Because I am super excited to do it :) Wouldn’t you love to feast your eyes upon a 16x24 fine art metallic print of this image titled Mount Shasta, By the Light of the Moon on a wall in your home every day! (minus the logo and text of course lol) Its one of my favorites that I shot at 1am last June!

Lets keep it simple! To be entered in, describe to me in a comment on this image where you would hang this beautiful shot in your home and why. This event will go for two weeks only and is open to everyone! The winner will be picked by a suprise guest and announced on June 10th! The print can be picked up at the Gallery in the Black Bear building here in Mount Shasta or be drop shipped to your address of choice within a week for $15. Visit the gallery fanpage here
Have Fun! ♥ K

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ananda Ranch

I went to visit and create some images for Trish at Ananda ranch last week and have so many favorites its crazy!  Most of them of her adorable daughter :)  Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for more pictures after we get out there to finish up some shots of her students in action. Bear with me as I list a bunch of my favs from this first set below lol.  Remember to click on see more images to see more :)  You can visit Trish's website for Ananda Ranch at  and find out more of what they offer and are about. K

For more pictures click on "See More" below :)