Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Hanson's Family Portrait's

I got to photograph the "absolutely adorable" (and handsome for Chris's sake) Hanson family!  I almost feel like it was a little celebration gift for the milestones and miracles their little one has blessed their lives with recently...  Renee and Chris you are wonderful loving parents and your doing something right because it shows.  Love K

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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Guinn Family pics :)

I finally got to visit the beautiful Guinn family & Scarletts Run in Whitmore California!  What a wonderful little slice of earth they have... and right on the river "wow".  Even got to do an extended shoot and spend some extra time creating fun images with Jen!  Lots of love and giggles down there! <3 K

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kaleb Crisci Senior Portrait

Had quite a fun morning with Kaleb and his family photographing his Senior Portraits...
Kaleb is extremely patient, stoic, polite and a handsome young man!  He graciously helped carry my equipment and made me realize I could really use a dependable assistant like him  :)  Kaleb I wish you the best success in your Senior year at MSHS and your anticipations and goals to follow...  Your awesome!  Oh and I just have to share another photo I have of Kaleb jumping off the Wagon Creek Bridge this summer with my nephew Kegan!  Its a pretty cool compilation of some gutsy guys!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jennifer Rubio Senior Portrait

Jennifer is a little bundle of joy and kindness and it shows in each and every one of her images from her senior portrait session...  It was a delight to have your whole family along!  I didnt realize I had the potential to put that many people to work lol.  What a great team!  Cheers to your senior year and future girl! <3 K

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The Gassaways...

Spent the afternoon with the Gassaways...  Capturing images of their connection and love with each other and their sweet four legged family members :)  Sally just recently retired as our MSES and Sisson shcool principal and was amazing in her role there...  She gave me priceless guidance during some critical times in my daughters education and life!  I will always cherish that!  Here are some of my favorite images, enjoy.

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