Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rays House and Heart Warming Party!

Thankyou Ray and Annette for a fantastically fun night!
Ray, I had no idea you could sing, play the guitar and rock the mic like that! Your Awesome!
These are just a handful of the images I took... For those of you wanting to purchase prints and or a proof disk then visit my website at www.livingshastaphotography.com and log in with the name Reynolds and the password is the shared name of the lead singer and lead guitarist of the band that entertained us all night! <3 K

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The Sharrah family portraits...

Loved playing "picture" with the Sharrah family!  Those two little kiddos were a bundle of energy and giggles!  And I have to say that I have tons of respect for dad!  He was so sick and knowing how much these pictures meant to his wife he pushed through and made it happen!  And dont let that serious face confuse you... he was a big softy underneath it all that completely adores his little family!  Gretchen your beautiful and you are so lucky to have two beautiful little angels following your lead in life... Good job mom and dad!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Snure Family Portrait :)

Snuck in a little morning shoot with my nephews Kegan & Jett and their mom and great friend to me Dawn :)
We had a great laugh to start everything off which always helps to set the mood!  I love to see how much these guys care about their mom!  They are growing so fast and it wont be long... well I wont go there...  Some things are just better left unanticipated...  Love you three! Hugs K

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The Kennedy Family Portrait

I loved creating this family shoot with the Kennedy's!  Not only because they are a delight to work with and so darn handsome but because I also got to do a few extra with their boys with an old antique pedal cart that my dad gave me...  Borrowed the hats from my husband and the cuteness is 100% Kennedy!  I can totally see myself doing more themed/vintage style photography like this!  Thankyou Felicity and John for letting Living Shasta Photography do your family portraits! <3 K

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cambou/ Vanlaken Family Portraits 2011

Amy and Kevin, I think you have one of the most fun and easy going little families ever!  Your joy, love and humor is so "catchy" it shows!  I had a blast photographing you last week...  Looking at your pics just makes me smile all over again.  Have a blessed year and hope to work with you again soon :)  Hugs, K

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