Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ms Haley Browns Senior Pictures!

Had a blast Saturday morning hanging out with Ms. Haley Brown doing her senior portraits! What a sweet, fun and beautiful girl, inside and out!  We got sidetracked with a little coffe outing and even snuck in some journalism photographing a protest march through downtown Mt. Shasta.  We spent the whole morning chatting and being super creative!  Here are the fun  and beautiful images we came up with!  Enjoy <3 K 

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy "Mt. Shasta"

I was on a senior portrait shoot Saturday morning and was suprised to see a group of people carrying signs downtown.  I recognized quite a few and was impressed by their passion...  I read the signs and listened to their words and of course snapped off a few pictures...  Kind of felt like a journalist :)  After making it home that afternoon I educated myself a little on what it is they were trying portray and support.  I havent had "TV" in 7 years so I do tend to miss out on alot of the good news along with the bad, and I had no idea what "occupy walstreet" was about.  But thankfully the internet keeps me plugged in when I actually search it out.  I do  agree with alot of what they were marching for Saturday but would still like to learn more.  In the meantime here are the images I took. And here is also the article in the Mt. Shasta news http://www.mtshastanews.com/photos/x485794041/Occupy-Mount-Shasta-draws-large-crowd

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