Monday, September 13, 2010

Hatchet Ridge windfarm, Burney Ca.

My husband and I had the opportunity to photograph the Hatchet Ridge wind farm September 13th 2010 in Burney Ca.   It was built by Pattern Energy Group, LP.  The trip to the top of Mount Burney for some shots was intense with the high winds and view!  What a neat experience!  And to top it all off... 3 of my images will be featured on the cover of  North American Wind Power for the October/November issue :)

 I think this outhouse (on top of Mt. Burney) has got to be one of the best "outhouse" views ive seen lol  And with the super high winds it surely could be an exciting potty adventure :)
Unfortunately me and outhouses dont mix (its a long story lol) so I didnt get to take in the Whole... experience haha!  But I am sure many have, including the ranger who has to be up there every day :)

 The windmills total 44 and are about 300ft. tall. For more technical information visit Patterns page about Hatchet Ridge here. 

Anyone can go visit the windfarm, you just have to sign in with the guard.  Its a really neat feeling to be standing below one of them while they are spinning in the wind.  Here is some video I shot of that :)

For larger view of images just click on them :)

This first panoramic you see below was photographed for a wall mural that is to be 19x9 feet.  So it is comprised of 27 high resolution images stitched together.  You can see the windfarm on the left and Mt. Shasta on the right, below is one of Burneys mills.

Some shots with Shasta in the background!

Another panoramic of 3 images stitched with Shasta in the background...

Beautiful sunrise...

It took 30 minutes to drive from one end of the wind farm to the other end.  So I took up a little shooting along the way :)

Here is a picture that Zach took of our full size suburban sitting below one of the turbines... (its dwarfed lol) and looks like a little peanut.

Location of one of our first pans from the side of Mt. Burney...

Location for another pan from a meadow...
My husband caught me shooting in the sun :)

And last but definitely not least... Zach and I winding down for a beautiful sunset (ridgetop style)!


  1. it is "Burney Mountain" **NOT** "Mt. Burney" there is a big difference and anyone local will not be impressed.

    very nice pictures, and nice to see you take shots from Burney Mountain of my favorite places.

    thanks for sharing your pics

  2. Austin is incredibly rude. I am a native of Burney and I'm still impressed. I moved away from Burney in 1988 and only get back every couple of years. I had no idea that these were installed. Your photos are stunning. Thank you for sharing.